Jozankei-Onsen is actually a district of Sapporo. One hour away of the city center, it offers nature and beautiful onsens. Easy to access, it’s a great escape from the city !

The place allows a diversity of activities. Before enjoying the warmth of onsens, you can take a walk along the Toyohira river and the Shiroi River. You will pass by beautiful waterfalls ! The nature is magnificent during the fall, as the trees become flamboyant : orange, yellow and the red of Momiji (maple leaves). You can visit the Iwato Kannondo Temple dedicated to the goddess of compassion Kannon. There are 33 statues of the goddess, and a free footbath. I also enjoyed the local shrine, Jozankei Shrine, located in the forest.

It’s finally onsen-time ! After a 30min walk to Hōheikyō Onsen, located north of Jozankei, I discover what would be my favorite onsen in Japan. Located on the edge of the forest, the outdoor pool is impressive. The atmosphere is unique : the wind blows on the trees, the snow falls in the warm bath… I recommend this place to anyone !


Access: From Sapporo Station take the Jozankei Onsen Direct Bus Line (60) or the Jotetsu Bus (75min)

Hōheikyō Onsen is open everyday from 10:00 to 22:30 (1000 yen)