Next to the bustling districts of Shinjuku and Shibuya is Setagaya, a calm residential district with the charm of Tokyo’s daily life. There, you’ll find Gotokuji temple, a temple among so many others in Tokyo, but which has the particularity of being dedicated to Maneki-neko : the buddhist “Lucky Cat” !

Three-toried Pagoda

The complex is rather large, with several buildings of interest including a pavilion at its center and a beautiful wooden three-storied pagoda.

Nature is particularly well included within the temple, which gives it a calm atmosphere that the locals appreciate. It is recommended to visit it during the fall, when the maple trees turn red (momiji).

At the back of Gotokuji Temple is the cemetery, with the graves of the Ii clan, the family that founded the temple. It is said that the lord was invited inside inside the temple by a cat during a storm. As return, he dedicated the temple to the cat (Maneki-neko).
Main Pavilion

Next to the pavilion is the alley to the Hundreds of Maneki-neko. They are everywhere, of all sizes ! Together, they form a harmonious whole, very original to explore. You can buy yours at the temple’s shop to contribute to the proliferation the of cats. With it is supposed to come fortune !

Yamashita Station - Tokyo Trams

Informations :

The temple is open from 08:00 to 16:30 (free)

Access : from Shinjuku Station take the Odakyu Line until Gotokuji Station (15 min for 190 yen)