A Magical Night in the Hot Springs of Mt Aso

Tanoharu River
Kurokawa Onsen at Night

Kurokawa Onsen is a small village north of Mt Aso. Isolated in a valley, with only a main street and a river flowing by, you will enjoy all the charm of a traditional Japanese village. Due to its proximity to Mt Aso, Kurokawa Onsen is a good stopover village. Take advantage of the many ryokans (traditional hotels) to spend a night in a luxurious setting, with all the Japanese conford : traditional food, yukatas, and onsens !

All the ryokans open the doors of their onsens during the day. A pass allows you to try 3 different onsens of your preference. It costs only 1300 yen and you can use itwithin 6 months. Most onsens have exterior baths for you to enjoy the beautiful nature of Kurokawa. Indeed, the town is located in the middle of a large forest. The beautiful wooden buildings of Kurokawa merges with nature. It is magnified during the autumn when the leaves turn red and golden. Ryokans are therefore very popular at this time of year.

At night, you can dress with the yukata and wooden sandals provided by your ryokan, and take a walk by the river. It is illuminated with dozens of  lanterns, and the atmosphere becomes unreal. I swear you will not regret paying more to spend the night in such a place !

Informations :

Kurokawa Onsen is located at an 1h30 drive from Kumamoto or Beppu, an 1h drive from Mt Aso.

Wooden Pass (3 onsens for 1300 yen, valid 6 months)