An Illuminated Night View of Hakodate, One of Japan’s Three Best Night Views 

NightView of Hakodate from Mt Hakodate Observatory

Culminating at an altitude of 334 m, Mt Hakodate offers a breathtaking view of the 3rd city of Hokkaido. The night view is iconic, considered one of Japan’s three best night view points with Mt Rokkō in Kobe and Mt Inasa in Nagasaki. At nightfall, the arm of the sea of Hakodate lights up and the view becomes magical. It’s worth climing to the top !

Trail going to Mt Hakodate
View from the ridge

Mt Hakodate is the top of a peninsula which marks the end of the city. You can access the observatory either by the ropeway or on foot. I would recommend walking to the top as there are fun and easy trails winding the mountain. Hiking to the top of Mt Hakodate from Motomachi (see marker) should take an hour.

I took advantage of the day to stroll on the various paths of the peninsula. On the path along the ridge, you will find the ruins of the Senjojiki Gun Battery, dating from the battle of Hakodate. From here, you’ll enjoy a panoramic view of Hakodate, Tsugaru strait (between Honshū and Hokkaido), and from a distance you can see the northern tip of Tōhoku !

After walking back and forth on the peninsula, I came back to the observatory to enjoy the night view of Hakodate. The city seems to float on the sea, it’s breathtaking. We would almost forget how cold it is up there during winter. All you have to do then is going back down to the city to taste fresh sushis or a shio ramen (salt ramen).

Mt Hakodate Ropeaway
Hakodate from above

Informations :

The ropeway is open everyday from 10:00 to 21:00 (round trip for 1500 yen).

The beautiful night view is best about 30 minutes after sunset.