The Southernmost Point of Shikoku Island : Lighthouse, Cliffs and Natural Arch

Cape Ashizuri Lighthouse

South of the Kōchi prefecture, you’ll discover the beautiful Cape of Ashizuri. There you can enjoy a panoramic view of the impressive cliffs and the iconic lighthouse on tp. It’s a beautiful place because of the bird’s eye view of the sea, the mighty waves crashing against the rock, and the tropical vegetation. You can take a walk along the coast, for about 2km, to enjoy the landscapes and the different points of interest.

天狗の鼻 - Tengu Nose
Cape Ashizuri Lighthouse

You can visit the Temple Kongofukuji (see marker), dedicated to Kōbō Daishi, one of the most influent Japanse Buddhist monk. The temple is part of the famous 88 temples pilgrimage across Shikoku. Down the cliff, the Hakusan Natural Arch is worth visiting. On the way down on the ridge you’ll pass through a beautiful little torii ! Few steps down and you’ll arrive to the Arch, somewhat shaped like a heart. After the hike, you can enjoy a free footbath at Ashizuri Manjiro Footbath. You’ll enjoy the view of the Arch while resting ! It’s open everyday (except wednesday) from 08:00 to 19:00. There are many hotels in the area, and the cape Ashizuri is said to be famous for stars viewing !

A Torii on the Ridge
Hakusan Natural Arch

Informations :

Access: 3h30 drive from Matsuyama ; 2h40 from Kōchi.

Ashizuri Manjiro Footbath : open everyday except wednesday from 08:00 to 19:00